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About this website

An eclectic, eccentric,  esoteric, polyvalent, polymathic , polymodal, website powered by Known (open source) in an attempt to reclaim my web ID.

Will contain the following blogs: 

a philosophical/theological/legal-theoretical-jurisprudential/technological blog, sub specie aeternitatis fides/σοφία quaerens intellectum kyrie eleison!, following in the footsteps of Karl Barth following Anselm of Canterbury ......

The Poet and the Lunatics

A blog/space/clearing-lichtung of/for my musings, introspections, reminiscences, ramblings, peregrinations, perambulations, pathmarks-wegmarken,……


a chess blog

Searching for Magnus Carlsen/Hou YiFan

[......] a blog about chess in Australia in relation to juniors/youth/children/kids and their parents(!!); about learning, training, tournaments and competition; about searching for the next Magnus Carlsen/Hou YiFan in Australia; and the travails, trials and tribulations of parents and their children in pursuit of the dream (searching for the next Magnus Carlsen/Hou YiFan)[......]